West Ham Left by Javier Hernandez to Sevilla, says agensbobet888

The striker of West Ham United, Javier Hernandez, is waiting for the process to move to Sevilla is completed, says agensbobet888. His transfer request was granted after how hard he tried to move away from a club that allowed him made it to the Mexico International team.

Before that, agensbobet888 reported to get “closer” to the finalization process to bring Javier Hernandez to work in Spain. Hernandez had fought hard to secure his place and position on the main team since he moved to the London Stadium in 2017. He had made 16 goals from 31 matches. 24 of 31 matches were done as a substitute player.

However, after Albian Ajeti and Sebastian Haller came, the team left the 31-year-old player and made him as the third choice when it comes to playing on the field with the team. This thing made Hernandez wanted to leave the Hammers so badly.

According to agensbobet888, Hernandez had been in the process of moving to Sevilla. The player had met the club of La Liga last month and it was a difficult meeting. Sevilla agreed to pay for 7 million Pounds while West Ham insisted on 8 million pounds for the transfer.

The Transfer Finalization: agensbobet888

Today, the transfer was finalized with 7.24 million Pounds for the transfer fee right on the last day of the summer’s transfer window. The process was pretty quick considering the transfer request was just dropped at the last Friday.

The future for Hernandez with the Hammers was so unsure lately after the club brings in Sebastian Haller back then in July. 

Back then, Hernandez was purchased from Bayer Leverkusen in 2017 with 16 million Pound sterling of a transfer fee. Now, we all know that the transfer fee of Hernandez has dramatically dropped, says agensbobet888.

Hernandez was doing great with Pellegrini for the early season. However, he did not get the contract renewal even though the contract will be expired in one year. West Ham frankly agreed to his request to leave the club.

The news of Hernandez wanted to move away from the London Stadium was circulating since the last December. Back then, he was touted to get back to Spain and work with Valencia or Real Sociedad, says agensbobet888.

Even though he seemed like enjoying his career with West Ham United, Hernandez frankly stated his plan to get back to La Liga. He did not feel satisfied enough with his current club even tough West Ham United was the one who brought him to make it to the International Team of Mexico. However, the ex-player of Ream Madrid was pursuing out in this summer even since the winter’s transfer window.

Hernandez was almost getting back to agensbobet888 in the last summer but Pellegrini was succeeded to persuade him to stay. 

It seems like a perfect timing both for West Ham United, Javier Hernandez, and Sevilla. Sevilla has recently lost Wissam Ben Yedder to Monaco. It means that the team needs someone to fill the blank space to improve their depth in attack strategy. On the other hand, Javier Hernandez just wanted to move away from the current team. The win-win situation, this is what we call it says agensbobet888.

Christian Eriksen’s Last Minute in the Transfer Market, said ibcbet

ibcbet said that it was almost impossible for Christian Eriksen leaving Tottenham. Eriksen scored a goal that justified the position of Spurs to a 2-2 draw against Arsenal after the derby in North London. 

During the summer’s transfer windows, Erikson was often linked with his moving from Spurs to Juventus and Real Madrid.

Harry Kane also made a second to give a commanding lead before Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang scored goals. It made Arsenal stormed back eventually.

After that, Pochettino was spry to play up the performance of the Denmark international player. He also claimed that out of the on-going uncertainty of his future, the performance last night had justified the inclusion somehow. 

The manager told ibcbet that the whole team played with a very good performance. According to the manager as well, Erikson had shown a big performance last night. It showed that his mind was clear that Eriksen wanted to play. It is almost impossible for anything to happen with the transfer in the next day and this is why anything seemed clear.

Still, according to ibcbet, both sides were giving a great game last night and the team was giving a very solid performance. Even though a lot of chances were created, it was great enough to play draw after all.

ibcbet stated that the team has a massive quality and once the transfer window ends, they will be on the same page all over again. Even though they should wait about Christian Eriksen, it shows that it was the right thing to play him last night. The performance was great and it helped the whole team to make a point in the game.

Juventus Plans the Last Attempt to Bring Eriksen In

Before the match, Pochettino suggested that Eriksen could leave the Spurs before the derby in the North London against Arsenal. According to The Express, Juventus was planning to give their last attempt for the Playmaker. However, we will see whether or not the champion of Italian Serie A could decide the transfer fee with the English League club.

Erikson, however, only started one of three matches with the Spurs in early 2019-2020. Due to this fact, the Playmaker is commonly rumored to leave the club. Juventus is just one of those who interested to bring him.

Real Madrid is Linked to ibcbet

Another rumor stated that Real Madrid is also targeting Eriksen in this season’s transfer window. Even though the Los Blancos has now turned away to the Sporting Lisbon’s Bruno Fernandes, this rumor is also a legit one. 

Before that, an agent of Tottenham Hotspur player rumored that a deal was made with Real Madrid. The Spurs via its owner, ibcbet, has contacted the giant club from Spain to purchase the Playmaker from Denmar.

It was such an interesting offer for Real Madrid. Eriksen was offered for 70 million Euros. The price was much lower than when the club purchased Eriksen in 2018 which was reached out 150 million Euros.